Pronunciation: /'wuːn/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Exotica

Height: 1.6 m      Weight: 0.9 kg        

Wild Habitat: Gorskovan periphery; hunts in all connected territories

Phenotypic Notation: EGL/STC/KRT-MET/BLY-MUY-ORY-VRT/000 

  Adult Stage


The crepuscular, monocular Woon begins life when it emerges fully grown from its miniscule egg, bones cracking as the monster unfolds. Only a few hours after being born, it is capable of walking. The Woon’s diet consists exclusively of Phlytoplankton; microscopic monsters which it breathes in through the nostrils on the underside of the lung on the tip of its long tail. The whistling noise Woon make by inflating and swinging its lung is said by Sentians to be a siren warning children to return home before nightfall. In spite of this legend, the Woon itself is only dangerous when cornered, at which time it may attack with its spiked tail.  During the night and day, Woon sleep inside of Hollowood trees that grow in the Gorskovan forest periphery where Woon reside to hide and protect their fragile bodies.