Pronunciation: /vɜr'mɪlɪpiːd/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Monstrum

Height: 0.52 m      Weight: 1.5 kg        

Wild Habitat: The Sewer, forests, and swamps in Thatday Faraway


  1st Larval Stage

> Adult Stage


Vermillipede are small, timid scavenging carnivores whose main goal in life is to survive long enough to cocoon and metamorphose into Ghastlopods. Covered in a thick, slippery mucus and nervous out in the open, Vermillipede prefer dark, wet environments. In addition to being found in forests and swamps throughout Thatday Faraway (particularly the Gorskova and Ferninsula forests), Vermillipede are one of the most prevalent species in The Sewer—the mysterious, naturally-occurring network of subterranean pipes beneath the Meadowlands. Vermillipede are armed with a plethora of defensive attributes, including surprising speed, sharp claws, and the ability to spray a foul-smelling mist from their blue stripes when threatened. Vermillipede also spray a sweet, floral scent from their pink stripes when happy, but this fact is virtually unknown among Sentians, with the notable exception of the Yogga, who commonly keep Vermillipede as both pets and a food source. Yoggan Vermillipede-owners typically clip their pets' spinnerets to prevent metamorphosis. Among other Sentians, the Yogga's fondness for Vermillipede is often considered disgusting.