Pronunciation: /'twiːzərd/ 

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Ordo 

Height: 0.23 m      Weight: 1.2 kg        

Wild Habitat: Gorskova / Meadowlandic forests


  1st Larval Stage

> Adult Stage


While clothing worn by Sentians must be made through manual labour, some species of monster are born wearing clothing. The diminutive Tweezard are born wearing cloth hats, which are not attached to their bodies and can be removed. Tweezard are also born with the dual steel sewing needles they magically manipulate as limbs, tools, or weapons. Tweezard can magically sharpen their needles and wield them even meters away from the Tweezard’s body, and this in combination with their innate sewing skills make Tweezard popular companions among wanderers. Being nocturnal, Tweezard are often trained as guard monsters.