Pronunciation: /'tʃrʌbɪg/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Ordo

Height: 2 m      Weight: 550 kg        

Wild Habitat: Lakes and rivers across Left Thatday Faraway

Phenotypic Notation: EGL/PMT/MET/BLY-MUY-ORY-VRT/PWG

  1st Larval Stage >

Adult Stage


Trubbig are bulky, semi-aquatic monsters commonly found in small herds along the banks of freshwater lakes and rivers in the Meadowlands. In Sentian cultures, they are strongly associated with Waders, who have domesticated the Trubbig as farm Monsters, using them to till water crops. Trubbig figure prominently in Wader life, and most Waders treat their Trubbig as well-respected members of the family. Trubbig are pithivorous, and generally docile, though they are doting parents and their size can make them formidable while protecting their young. Wild Trubbig herds commonly live near separate populations of their larval form, Treebul, which have both a dependent and independent life stage prior to metamorphosis. Trubbig live an amphibious life with oar-like tails that aid in swimming and strong legs that can achieve a low-speed gallop on land. Their slimy bodies are nearly hairless, but they have a sparse mane of thick, sensitive black hairs, used by Trubbig to sense movement around them via changes in air and water pressure. As large and common animals, Trubbig are an important part of coastal ecosystems in Thatday Faraway, eating massive amounts of vegetation and fertilizing the soil with their dung. Their ability to produce waste is uncommon among Monsters, and is in fact not even shared by their larval form.