Pronunciation: /'tʃriːbəl/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Ordo

Height: 0.3 m      Weight: 2.65 kg        

Wild Habitat: Lakes and rivers across Left Thatday Faraway

Phenotypic Notation: EGL/PMT/MET/BLY-MUY-ORY-VRT/PWG

  1st Larval Stage

> Adult Stage


Treebul are the larval form of Trubbig. They are known for their limited diet, which consists exclusively of Scrubrushes, and for having been domesticated by Wader farmers in Thatday Faraway. Treebul are listed in the Jinpishronic Text as one of the First Monsters, and are thus also known for having religious significance in Sentian culture. Treebul live in freshwater and are swift swimmers in spite of their rotundity due to their webbed hands and feet and powerful rudder-like tail. Taught to swim by attentive and nurturing Trubbig parents, Treebul are capable of holding their breath underwater for as long as 10 minutes. When on land, Treebul are quick to flee predators by rapidly sliding on their stomachs, aided by the coat of slippery, sweetly fragrant mucous Treebul secrete from their skin. The scent and slickness of this mucous can be attributed to the high levels of Scrubrush juice in a Treebul's body. Its slipperiness also helps Treebul escape a predator's grasp when caught. Nevertheless, Treebul are common prey for Monsters such as Desecrattle and Jectifor, and Treebul never stray far from cover. Depending on a Treebul's maturity this cover may take the form of Trubbig in its herd, or burrows dug in the banks of a lake or river during the solitary stage of its pre-metamorphosis life. This unfortunately does not protect from the occasional parasitism of Treebul by Taypwirl, which can be inherited from infected Trubbig parents and take advantage of Treebul's access to pucker metamorphosis. To reach reproductive maturity, Treebul metamorphose through the use of lake- and riverbed puckers. In order to breathe during this process, Treebul must bring their own air into the water-filled puckers by carrying it from the surface in self-made spit bubbles. The viscous, frothy juice of the Scrubrushes they eat pass on similar qualities to Treebul saliva, and Treebul can blow bubbles as large themselves, held together with a durable saliva film capable of withstanding lakebed pressure without popping. Because puckers are required for Treebul to metamorphose, Wader farms are typically built around naturally-occurring pucker-filled ponds. In captivity, the playfulness and curiosity of Treebul makes them popular housepets and playmates for Taddlers until such time as the Treebul metamorphose and are used in Wader farm work.