Pronunciation: /'ðroʊpɪlər/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Ordo

Height: 0.56 m      Weight: 4 kg        

Wild Habitat: Left Buthatwus Bafor


  Adult Stage


The Throwpillar is an exceptionally complacent monster—they do not eat, and reproduce by releasing microscopic spores onto the wind through their skin, so they have little need to move. Though capable of slow movement by dragging its boneless body along with its two muscular tentacles, a wild Throwpillar is typically found keeping still and camouflaging itself among Peripherns. Throwpillars' velvety pelts vary widely in colour between individuals, allowing them to match multiple varities of Periphern. Throwpillars have primarily meat bodies, but feature a 3 cm thick layer of coiled white plant fibers under the skin of their core, surrounding their inner body cavity. This fiber layer defends against predation by protecting a Throwpillar from being thoroughly chewed; additionally, an attacked Throwpillar will rapidly produce new fibers and eject them from an orifice on its base, often killing predators that successfully swallow it by filling them with fiber. By continuing to expel fiber, a Throwpillar can typically escape a predator's body. Throwpillars are a common Sentian house pet in Vimgahli, as their low maintenance and soft bodies allow them to be treated like living pillows. A Throwpillar's eyes are capable of colour sight, and a domestic Throwpillar should be kept on furniture that matches its pelt so that it will not attempt travel to more suitable camouflauge. A Throwpillar's natural life span is roughly two years, which includes an initial four-week period of growth from a spore.