Pronunciation: /'sɜrlɔɪnk/ 

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Jovialis

Height: 1.38 m      Weight: 380 kg        Wild Habitat: N/A


  Adult Stage


Though rare, there exist monsters who arose neither from pipfall nor from Goddesscraft. Surloinks were originally synthesized in labs from purified genetic elements by Hin scientists in Quizhu. Surloinks exist only in captivity, where they’re used as a food source. The unusual organization of their bodies means that large chunks of them are devoid of vital organs and nerves, and can be sliced away and eaten without causing the monster harm. Although wounds inflicted upon them heal within minutes, Surloinks live for only a couple of years due to their bodies’ inefficiency. During this time, most Surloinks will lay 2-5 gelatinous, translucent eggs from which new Surloinks are born. Perhaps the least explicable feature the Surloink was given by its Hin progenitors is its surprisingly high intelligence. Though incapable of pain, Surloinks experience extreme stress and are often found crying and muttering sadly to their owners, from whom they are too ungainly to walk away.