Pronunciation: /'sʌngoʊlɪn/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Adventurus

Height: 1.6 m      Weight: 71 kg        

Wild Habitat: The jungles of Arbornea


  Adult Stage


The Sungolin is a well-respected monster among Sentians, even considered sacred by some—and for good reason. Though normally seen moving slowly on the ground, it is capable of fast loping, adept tree-climbing, and strong swimming. It can breathe both air and water, is highly intelligent, and is an omnivore, eating mainly fungi (FNG) and small bugs (BUG), which it laps up with its extendable tongue. It stores a small portion of every meal it eats in its throat-pouch, where enzymes transform the food into a sweet, viscous, and edible honey. Its tongue is coated with this honey, making the tongue sticky, and a Sungolin will also ingest its honey when other food is scarce. The honey has regenerative healing properties, and this combined with the Sungolin’s heavy armour-like scales means that Sungolin live remarkably long lives—in fact, no evidence has been found to suggest they ever die of age. Sungolin honey’s healing properties make Sungolin revered companion monsters among Sentians, though the rarity and elusiveness of Sungolin means they are still a relatively rare sight. Though Sungolin honey does not grant immortality as some medicine-hawkers may claim, it does soothe many ailments associated with aging and rejuvenates the skin. Because it is often seen in Sentian culture as an Arbornean counterpart to Nir Forgot's Buzztrip, the Sungolin has a strong symbolic association with its native region.