Pronunciation: /'stæksnoʊ/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Focus

Height: 0.6 m      Weight: 70 kg        

Wild Habitat: Frozen wastelands of Emperaz


  1st Larval Stage

> Adult Stage


Unlike the mythically elusive Frospite that they metamorphose to become, Staxno are fairly common sights to anyone brave enough to trek the frozen open wastelands of Emperaz. They hover a few inches from the ground and gather in huddling crowds of 30-50 siblings, a behaviour that has the superficial appearance of being a method for conserving heat. Staxno do not huddle for heat, however, as they have no body heat and are in fact frozen to their core, their bodies almost entirely composed of icy, tightly-packed snow. Only three elements of a Staxno's anatomy are not made of snow: the enchanted lumps of coal set into the surface of a Staxno's head, the crispy vegetable spike protruding from the head, and a brittle, bony skull that lies at the core of the head. The coal lumps have the appearance of eyes, but are merely sightless rocks, which do not give off heat but will badly burn anyone who touches them. The vegetable spike is used by a Staxno as self-defense; it can be fired at a high velocity from the Staxno's face, shooting point-first towards its target. Once fired, the spike cannot be retrieved by the Staxno, but a new one will magically grow in its place on the Staxno's face within a couple of days. Fools who eke out a living in the wastes of Emperaz will sometimes taunt Staxno in order to trigger the ejection of spikes, which the Fools then collect and eat either fresh or boiled. The skull of a Staxno has an uncanny resemblance to the skulls of Fools, but the connection, if any, is unknown. Staxno shiver uncontrollably at all times, and tend to shed snow from their bodies in small or large chunks due to the vibrations. Staxno who lose snow immediately drop and drag themselves along the ground to collect more. After a little over a year of huddling, never eating nor sleeping, a Staxno litter will meander gently towards the nearest mountain, still loosely grouped together, and split up upon reaching the mountain's higher ledges. Once alone, they liquefy, sinking into the snow around them leaving only the coal and spike, and later emerge from the ground as fully metamorphosed adult Frospite. Approximately 25% of Staxno survive metamorphosis into adulthood; the rest simply return to the water cycle.