Pronunciation: /'stɑːrlɪmpɪt/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Jovialis

Height: 0.97 m      Weight: 32 kg        

Wild Habitat: Coastal Ixico, Kasuari, and Delapidos


  Adult Stage


The ungainly Starlimpet is found in warm coastal areas. Primarily terrestrial, and typically entering only shallow waters when not clinging to seaside cliff s and rocks, they are surprisingly strong swimmers, though they only use this skill when gathering in off-coast waters to reproduce. Their hands are used to grasp food and drag themselves along beaches, but not to cling to cliffs; instead they use a weak and highly specialized magic to suction onto surfaces. When in use, this magic also causes their yellow markings to glow with a faint bioluminescence. The boneless body of this Monster is comprised primarily of spongy muscle, and steaks made from this meat are a well-loved food among Sentians; however, the lives of these slow and largely defenseless creatures are respected by all Monsters and so only small numbers of Starlimpets are carefully selected to become food by their few predators. The breeding of captive Starlimpets was once attempted by Sentian farmers, but this project was abandoned when it was discovered that domesticated Starlimpets mysteriously lost all the salt in their flavour.