Pronunciation: /'skɛrlʌkwɪn/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Exotica

Height: 1.43 m      Weight: 19.96 kg

Wild Habitat: Gorskova and surrounding Meadowlands


  1st Larval Stage

> 2nd Larval Stage

> Adult Stage

Sqaerlequin are always the first to appear. A burning smell in your nostrils might wake you at night, and apprehensive chills may compel you to look out your window, and there they will be. In rows. Standing still, arms slack. Some see them leaving the woods in groups, single file, creeping under the Loonlight with high-kicking steps towards the soft lights of the villages. But no one knows where they come from. Some blame their appearance on the circling Creeps, though no one can provide details. Some insist they must be the result of Yogga rituals deep in the Gorskovan forest. Regardless of their origins, they always appear, for only one brief month out of the year. Those who stare at them long enough will eventually see one of them beckon with its knobbled finger, and only the strongest-willed can resist this spell. The others leave their homes, and follow the Sqaerlequin, who dance with a jovial rhythm, back into the woods. There, under the forest's dark cover,  the shivering, entranced victim kneels within a ring of wildly dancing Sqaerlequin. As the Sqaerlequin's dance ends, the victim emerges from their trance, and sees things no one else will ever see. The fear overwhelms them, a searing, brilliant bolt of terror, and as the light leaves their eyes and their mouths gape and quiver, the Sentian, surrounded by suddenly motionless Sqaerlequin, disappears in a brief but massive flash of white fire. This fate befalls those sensitive enough to realize the Sqaerlequin are watching and foolish enough to stare, but many never look out their window, and many never wake to the smell of burning. Such folk never know they are being haunted by Sqaerlequin by night, and will never follow Sqaerlequin into the woods. That's just fine with the Sqaerlequin. They'll take the victims that come to them, but all they really want to do is watch. Stand guard. Mark the doomed.