Pronunciation: /slɪð'ɐrlʊtən/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Exotica

Height: 2.3 m      Weight: 63.96 kg        

Wild Habitat: Gorskova


  1st Larval Stage >

2nd Larval Stage

> Adult Stage

Slitharlatan are the second to appear. They feed on fear, but they too are fearful. Their bodies are frail and brittle, and they won't linger when their prey is conscious. Slitharlatan appear for only one week each year, one week in the month when Sqaerlequin come out of the forest. Some are lucky enough not to be haunted by Sqaerlequin, but others may simply not know of their haunting; these Sentians must stay alert to gossip, for if they hear whisperings that Sqaerlequin have been seen, they know it's time to check under their beds, or in their closets, because these are places where Sqaerlequin form their black cocoons. No one knows how or when a house becomes infiltrated or a Sqaerlequin cocoon is spun. But if you check the hidden corners of your home, you may find one there, slick, dark, and bloated with a growing Slitharlatan. These giant cocoons, filled with developing bone and viscera, must be destroyed if those who find it wish to avoid a worse fate, no matter how gruesome the process of destruction may be. Those who fail to notice a Sqaerlequin cocoon in their home, or who can't find the courage to destroy one, must accept the consequences once the Slitharlatan emerges, and treats the home as its own. Hiding in attics, under beds and floorboards, or in the shadows of ceiling corners, Slitharlatan keep out of sight until their prey falls asleep, and then descend. The nightmares a Slitharlatan's magic conjures in the minds of its slumbering victims are unlike normal nightmares; they pain the soul and push the mind into delirium, consisting of anxiety-sopped and terrible events that swirl around an ever-present and ever-growing cocoon. Staying safe from physical harm, Slitharlatan feed on the nightmare-induced fear. After a week of terrorizing its victim, a Slitharlatan disappears completely, seemingly without a trace...but the Sentians who survive this ordeal will, now and then, dream again of a horrid, bone-thin giant: a Slitharlatan slinking about in the corners of their dreams. Some say this dream presence is no mere memory, but is how Slitharlatan live on, and that Slitharlatan are blessed by Apl herself with the power to move between the physical realm and the dream realm. One thing is known for certain: those Sentians who have dreamt of Slitharlatan have been marked, and will be visited again, once the dark cocoon that lingers in their nightmares begins to open.