Pronunciation: /skɪdɚ'ɛɫɪkɪn/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Exotica

Height: 3.2 m      Weight: 222.22 kg        

Wild Habitat: Gorskova and surrounding Meadowlands


  1st Larval Stage >

2nd Larval Stage >

Adult Stage

The third to appear. Barely visible as anything but movement in the dark of night, until its bright legs unfurl and extend, writhing, from its pelvis. By the time its victim notices its presence in their room, they find themselves frozen where they lie. They do not recall when they awoke. Even if they were asleep beside another Sentian, they find themselves deeply alone, aside from the Monster skittering in the darkness above them. Delicate, needle-like fingers stroke their face, and glistening tentacle-like legs ripple above them, almost touching them, sensing the air, their aura, their soul. Clinging to ceilings with creaking arms of inexplicable strength, Skitterelikin appear on one night a year, the final night of the month when Sqaerlequin are seen, and only one Skitterelikin appears on that night. Where it comes from is one of the world's darkest mysteries. The Skitterelikin is simply there one night, appearing only to those who were visited by a Slitharlatan that month. It wakes each of these tormented individuals, examines them gently, then moves on to the next, inflicting no harm until it finds the one Sentian it chooses as its victim. What these victims endure is another unknown, but their lifeless bodies are always found the same way: prostrate on their back, eyes black, veins bloodless, and with a surgically precise cut bisecting their face, neck, and torso, splitting them open to reveal the body as hollow--save for a fine grey sand. Where each Skitterelikin disappears to after their night of visitations, where they reside on other days, and the details of their diet and reproductive habits are shrouded in mystery to this day.