Pronunciation: /sɪn'ɪfɫ/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Monstrum

Height: 0.35 m      Weight: 1.8 kg        

Wild Habitat: Wetlands and forests in Glinglen and Mallowassis


  1st Larval Stage

> 2nd Larval Stage

> Adult Stage

Hatching from eggs roughly half a millimeter in diameter, Siniffle are born with the magical ability to grow and shrink at will, from a nearly microscopic size to roughly 35 cm, or any size in between. This power, combined with their mischievous passion for harassing Sentians and their tendency to travel in swarms (gathering in especially large numbers near stagnant water, where they enjoy bathing and eating small aquatic Monsters), makes them a particularly obnoxious pest. Capable of hovering and flying, producing a high-pitched buzz with their rapid wingbeats, and fond of whispering strange noises and sticking their moist tails into Sentian's ears, their only saving graces as far as most Sentians are concerned are their short attention spans (which cause them to bore easily and fly away), and their ultimate harmlessness. Although they suffer from a runny nose and constant sneezing, a Siniffle's symptoms are non-contagious, in spite of Sentian proverbs describing someone who sneezes regularly as having "a head full of Siniffles". A Siniffle's excess mucous is its only symptom of the presence of Sinfluenza, the symbiotic Germ species that lives exclusively within the bodies of Flusneezin and its larval stages. Bonded to Flusneezin as a species, Sinfluenza reaches a new stage of development in each of Flusneezin's life stages, and in the Siniffle stage it is innocuous. This lasts for approximately 3 weeks, after which Sinfluenza's need for advancement triggers Siniffle's ability to cocoon and metamorphose. Although Sinfluenza cannot be caught from a Siniffle, eating the soft, sweet fruit that forms a Siniffle's torso can cause horrible stomach aches and even vomiting. A Siniffle's head and the tail attached to it are entirely physically separate from its winged fruit, and a Siniffle can slide its body up and down the length of the tail, or be pulled off the tail entirely by a predator. A Siniffle left separated in this way for more than a few minutes will likely perish.