Pronunciation: /'ʃɛpɛns/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Ordo

Height: 0.31 m      Weight: 3.18 kg        

Wild Habitat: Grasslands in the Meadowlands


  1st Larval Stage

> Adult Stage


The larval form of Hornicopius, Sheppence are primarily known as pets kept by farmers raising Hornicopius for fruit and wool. Sheppence don't produce enough wool to be a valuable crop themselves, but Hornicopius farmers in the Meadowlands will often make a single swaddling cloth for a newborn infant from a Sheppence's tail wool--the Sheppence used to make the cloth will then be gifted to the infant as a childhood companion. Gentle, docile, and fluffy, Sheppence are popular among children, even in families that do not herd Hornicopius. Skilled metalworkers are capable of removing the solid gold discs that grow from a Sheppence’s head without hurting the Sheppence, leaving small crescent-shaped horn-stubs. Sheppence “trimmed” in this way will be missing their horns after metamorphosis. Both in the wild and in captivity, Sheppence exclusively feed on the sweet fruit that grow inside the horns of the Hornicopius in their herd. If a Sheppence has not had its spinneret removed, it will spin a cocoon for itself once it is roughly one year old, and emerge as an adult Hornicopius within 4-7 days. Sheppence kept by non-Hornicopius-farming families typically remove their Sheppence's spinneret to prevent this.