Pronunciation: /prɛs'toʊkʊs/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Vindemia

Height: 0.71 m      Weight: 4 kg        

Wild Habitat: Gorskova; The Meadowlands

Phenotypic Notation: 000/000/FAB-MET-PVC/BLY-MUY-ORY-VRT/MGN-RBT-SMK 

  Adult Stage


There are many more Prestocus hiding in the woodland underbrush and tall grasses of their native habitat than are ever seen by other species: in spite of their powerful magical abilities, Prestocus are very timid monsters. On the rare occasion that a Prestocus is sighted, it is typically only for a brief moment, due to their proclivity for hasty teleportation, a magical feat they accomplish by performing a quick upward tug on their long ears, which they clutch at all times in preparation for this technique. In addition to this trick, Prestocus use magic in most of their regular activities: colourful elemental spells and psychic manipulation powers aid Prestocus in defense and the hunting of their small Monster prey, and while sleeping, Prestocus cast an illusion spell over themselves so that they appear as nothing more than a simple silk black hat. Physiologically, Prestocus have silky fabric skin on their limbs which is also the sole component of their hat-like shells. The head and hidden body of the monster have a more conventional flesh-and-fur skin. The limbs protrude directly from outer layer of the shell and not from holes, so their movement is presumably controlled through telekinesis. Prestocus have never been observed reproducing, or socializing in any way; it is widely assumed that they congregate, socialize, reproduce, and raise their young entirely inside magical hyperspace tunnels theorized to provide the means of their teleportation. Thanks to the mysterious nature of these proposed but unproven tunnels, it is unknown for how long Prestocus typically live.