Pronunciation: /prɛgə'ruː/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Ordo

Height: 1.93 m      Weight: 85 kg        

Wild Habitat: Kasuari; Terrestrial Ixico; Krythacia; Worracallo

Phenotypic Notation: EGL/STC/MET/BLY-MUY-ORY-VRT/KGO

  Adult Stage


The Preggeroo's most famed feature is its abdominal second head, but this monster's peculiarities don't end there. In addition to having two heads and two brains, each Preggeroo also has two spirits—a unique claim. The larger of these two spirits controls the upper head and arms, the muscular, fat-storing tail, and the primary functions of the powerful legs, which move the monster in impressive leaps. The smaller spirit controls the lower head and arms, and can also send a brief surge of magic into the legs that powers a "double-jump", increasing the monster's height while already mid-leap. Though the two heads have separate conscious minds and each have independent senses of taste, smell, sight, and hearing, they do share their sense of touch, and most other involuntary body functions, including but not limited to a shared heart, stomach (with separate esophagi, of course), lungs, and reproductive system. Each head features its own version of a gland, located in the backs of their mouths, which produces a brightly-coloured secondary saliva. The upper head's gland produces a mildly corrosive acidic saliva with a pale lavender colour, while the lower head's gland produces a less corrosive but extremely foul-smelling bright yellow saliva. The former acts as an occasional digestive aid to the strictly herbivorous Preggeroo, and both salivas work alongside the monster's dull colour and strong legs and tail as robust defenses in the open, often shelter-less xeric habitats this monster calls home. Preggeroo lay mysteriously large hard-shelled eggs at a rate of approximately two eggs per year. Eggs are abandoned by their parent, and hatch into fully grown Preggeroo less than a day after being laid.