Pronunciation: /'pleɪnz'biːst/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Audax

Length: 5.12 m      Weight: 2314 kg        

Wild Habitat: Manibodan Steppe


  Adult Stage


Towering five meters from hoof to horn-tip, the Plainsbeast serves as steed and food source for the Fools and Hin of the Manibodan steppe, roles it fills simultaneously thanks to its imperviousness to pain and remarkably slow rate of blood loss. Though blind, the Plainsbeast is highly aware of its surroundings thanks to its eight sensitive nostrils and four tympanic membranes. A mutation-rich species, each Plainsbeast continues to sprout its own unique arrangement of horns and dextrous hand-tipped limbs throughout its lifetime. They all, however, sport the single massive horn on their foreheads, which develops a blue tip during the final hundred or so years of their lives.