Pronunciation: /oʊl'guːiː.kɔər'klɔɪ/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Jovialis

Length: 112.6 m      Weight: Unknown        

Wild Habitat: Manibodan Steppe (Subterranean)

Phenotypic Notation: LVB/STC/GLT/000/WRM

  Adult Stage


All but the eyes and teeth of this 112-meter-long subterranean monstrosity is composed of sweet gelatin. The density and flexibility of this gelatin, as well as Olgooey-Khorkloy’s corrosively acidic sour-candy saliva, serve as defenses that make Olgooey-Khorkloy a virtually unstoppable apex predator of the Manibodan steppe. Fortunately for the steppe’s other inhabitants, there are estimated to be fewer than fifteen Olgooey-Khorkloy in existence, and they can go decades without feeding. Though these monsters are carnivores, the main substance that passes through their lengthy digestive tracts is soil, which they swallow while rapidly tunneling deep beneath the continent’s surface, following their enigmatic whims across the eons. When Olgooey-Khorkloy do surface to feed, they exhibit wild ferocity, thrashing and leveling villages in their wake. They feature in many Manibodan legends.