Pronunciation: /nɑr'sɛlfʊs/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Fin

Height: 0.74 m      Weight: 27.5 kg        

Wild Habitat: Riverbanks in the Meadowlands and Arbornea

Phenotypic Notation: 000/STC/MET-MIN/BLY-MUY-ORN-VRT/GLS 

  Adult Stage


The mysteriously simple lifestyle of the Narselfus is perfectly adapted to provide as few distractions as possible from the Narselfus’ primary goal: self-admiration. Narselfus reproduction is not well understood; they do not lay eggs, nor have they been observed giving birth, yet they spontaneously climb out of rivers throughout the Meadowlands and Arbornea, and live out their short lives on the banks. Narselfuses neither eat nor sleep, and their bodies contain only muscle, bone, and a nervous system, but no other organs. At first glance a Narselfus seems featureless, but if one looks into the reflective glass mirror each Narselfus holds, one can catch the intense gaze of the Narselfus’ enchanted eyes, which lie beneath the mirror’s surface. A Narselfus spends its entire short lifespan gripping the mirror in its left arm and using it to inspect and admire its own body, while its right arm atrophies from disuse. A Narselfus will only look away from itself if provoked, in which case it may become surprisingly violent—always rinsing its mirror in the river if it draws blood. After a few weeks of this existence, Narselfuses will silently go limp with death, and gently slip back into the river from whence they arose.