Mold Ogre

Pronunciation: /'moʊld.'oʊgər/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Ordo

Adult Height: 2.5 m      Weight: 4000 kg        

Wild Habitat: The Meadowlands

Phenotypic Notation: SPR/GRW/PTH/BLN-ORN-VEG-MUN/FNG

  Adult and juvenile stages shown.


Except in the opinion of those allergic to its heavy sporefall, the Mold Ogre is a gentle giant of the Meadowlands. 2.5 meters tall and weighing over 4000 kilograms, fully grown Mold Ogres are peaceful, slow moving creatures and very susceptible to predators, a fact they account for by shedding millions of microscopic spores a day. Though many of these spores never germinate, enough do that scattered herds of Mold Ogres are a common sight in the Meadowlands.

Although Mold Ogres do not metamorphose, they do develop through several distinct life stages during the first four to five years of their life. Pictured on this page are the three final stages in the Mold Ogre life cycle. The airborne stage, known as Rizopuff, drifts lackadaisically on the wind and exerts little control over its own movement. It is as Rizopuffs that Mold Ogres may drift off to start new colonies. Rizopuffs eventually develop into the small and limbless Lintrolls, which are barely capable of movement and quickly develop into the much larger Adult Mold Ogres. Adults have arms and bipedal legs, but the latter are often hidden beneath heavy folds of fungal tissue.