Pronunciation: /ɪn'tɛstoʊd/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Monstrum

Height: 0.23 m      Weight: 1.3 kg        

Wild Habitat: Mallowassis, Miliad


  Adult Stage


Intestoad is a nocturnal, swamp-dwelling monster known for its unpleasant stench and deep, drawn out croaking, both resulting from the release of noxious gases from the top of the Intestoad’s soft, slimy body. The gases themselves are a byproduct of Intestoad’s unusual digestive process, making the Intestoad one of few Monsters whose digestion produces waste. Without a mouth, Intestoad also eats through the same hole: by day, as the Intestoad sleeps underwater, its tube-like innards fill with swamp water and microscopic Plants, which it digests. The swamps where Intestoads breed are often bubbling with the release of gases from submerged Monsters.