Pronunciation: /hɔərnɪ'koʊpiːəs/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Ordo

Height: 1.07 m      Weight: 230 kg        

Wild Habitat: Grasslands in the Meadowlands


  1st Larval Stage >

Adult Stage


Hornicopius are among the most popular farm Monsters, raised on every major continent in corrals and by nomadic herders, due to being the source of four potential products: their silky wool is a common fiber in Sentian clothing, their juicy purple fruit can be eaten fresh or fermented into a sweet drink, they can be slaughtered for meat, and their solid gold horns can be melted down and use to form jewelry and other decorative goods. The latter two of these products cannot be obtained without killing the Hornicopius, so they are harvested more rarely as farmers prefer to make the most of the replenishable wool and fruit during the lifetime of their Hornicopius. Thanks to their nature as profitable farm Monsters, Hornicopius are universal symbols of luxury and good fortune. In captivity, Hornicopius are docile and accommodating to their owners, but sometimes defensive towards those who have yet to gain their trust. Wild Hornicopius, found throughout the Meadowlands, are known to be fiercer, protecting their delicate young with hooved kicks and swings of their heavy horns. As an added defense, Hornicopius are capable of shifting their horns to reflect dazzling sunlight into the eyes of would-be attackers, stalling while the rest of their herd escapes. Hornicopius feed their young with the sweet fruit growing from within their horns; the fruit constantly replenishes. Hornicopius will eat each others' fruit, but are also known to obtain nutrients by grazing on grass and converting sunlight to energy via their leaves; wild Hornicopius herds tend to wander away from cloud cover, seeking sunlight under which to rest. Hornicopius herds are often led by the Hornicopius with the largest horn, but a Hornicopius with an especially large amount of fruit will typically win out as leader even if its horn is smaller.