Pronunciation: /'ɡɑːblɪ'mɑːdɑː/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Focus

Height: 0.6 m      Weight: 4.1 kg        

Wild Habitat: Obnox foothills (Meadowlands)


  Adult Stage


Goblimata lay their soft-shelled eggs inside the corpses of other monsters, and for good reason: the body of a Goblimata is incapable of producing its own blood. Before the eggs hatch, they use magic processes to absorb blood from the surrounding corpse, which sets a precedent for the rest of the Goblimata's life. Goblimata parents abandon their eggs after laying them, and their young are born small and frail in broods of 8-20. The strongest few of the brood will eat their siblings as they grow to maturity over the course of only a few days, and then they rise to nocturnally wander the foothills of the Obnox mountains, looking for food and blood. Using magic, Goblimata are capable of teleporting blood from nearby corpses into their own bodies, and cycling it through their organs. Due to inefficient use of this blood, Goblimata are quickly forced to shed the blood through their palms and the soles of their feet, leading to the infamous blood trails they leave as they wander in search of new blood sources. Known for haunting Sentian graveyards and draining buried corpses, Goblimata have a reputation as dangerous vampires, though in reality, they can only drain the dead and will only eat smaller, bug-like monsters. Delicate, ungainly creatures, wild Goblimata depend on their sharp eyesight and hearing to hide from predators; nevertheless, they are often eaten before aging even half a decade. Goblimata are very rarely kept as pets due to the stigma against them.