Pronunciation: /'gæstloʊpɒd/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Monstrum

Height: 0.84 m      Weight: 18 kg        

Wild Habitat: The Sewer, forests, and swamps in Thatday Faraway


  1st Larval Stage >

Adult Stage


A Ghastlopod's long, sharp claws are not simply for slicing its way out of the cocoon; via metamorphosis, Ghastlopods graduate from the timid scavengers of their larval form to some of Thatday Faraway's most feared predators, hunting a wide variety of monsters—some much larger than themselves. A Ghastlopod's claws are joined a few days after emerging by the development of razor sharp teeth, which if lost can easily be regrown. As dangerous as a hungry Ghastlopod can be at close range, Ghastlopods are slow-moving, and to approach their prey must rely on stealth and the highly hallucinogenic pink mist they spray from glands on their tails. This mist can affect prey for yards around a hunting Ghastlopod, causing vivid visual and auditory hallucinations, leading to disorientation and susceptability to the Ghastlopod's attack. Their reputation for visciousness means that most other species give Ghastlopods a wide berth, leaving Ghastlopods to their privately playful lives; smelling flowers, sleeping in burrows, frolicking in forest streams to keep their slimy, hairless bodies moist, and nuzzling other Ghastlopods should they meet them. Ghastlopods are not active parents, but lay large clutches of eggs underground semi-annually before leaving their future young to their own devices.