Pronunciation: /'frɑːspaɪt/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Focus

Height: 2.5 m      Weight: 270 kg        

Wild Habitat: Glass Mountains


  1st Larval Stage >

Adult Stage


After the larval Staxno liquefies into the mountain snow, they develop into Frospite underground, their spirits collecting water from the soil and freezing it into icy snow, which slowly grows outward as the Frospite develops. By the time a fully grown Frospite unearths itself, using its horn to pierce the surface, it is a formidable size and has many fearsome adaptations: wood and vegetable limbs with enchanted strength and endurance, sixteen eyes of enchanted coal that are capable of colourless vision, a rigid vegetable horn, and three heads--each with its own mouth leading to a shared central stomach. Each mouth has a series of small openings to it, giving the appearance of a row of holes in the face, but the holes on each head lead to a single mouth per head. The largest head also has teeth in its mouth, and indeed Frospite has a nearly complete skeleton, resembling that of a Fool albeit without limbs, along with organs for digestion, breathing, and reproduction that Staxno lack. The digestive process slightly heats the Frospite, making it more susceptible to melting than Staxno if temperatures are raised. Even on the frigid mountains where Frospite live, they slowly lose body mass to this heat and will pad themselves with new snow regularly. Much more energetic and prone to ambulation than their larval forms, Frospite nevertheless rarely leave their mountain habitats. Frospite roam within a chosen territory, never sleeping, intimidating intruders with roars and attacking anything more than half their size with their claws, teeth, and horn. If they kill anything with a meaty body, they rip it into lumps and feed it to their largest mouth. In addition to bellowing roars produced by the large mouth, the smaller mouths on the secondary heads also produce a sound resembling cackling laughter. The only time Frospite are known to naturally leave their limited mountain territory is when they reach reproductive maturity at approximately five years of age, and begin making annual sojourns to the open wastelands of Emperaz in order to lay the soft, pearly-white eggs that will hatch into huddles of Staxno. Due to their hidden-away habitats, general rarity, and the tales of their ferocity, frospite have a legendary status in Sentian cultures, and are mistakenly believed to be a myth by some.