Pronunciation: /'fluːsniːzɪn/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Monstrum

Height: 2.1 m      Weight: 181 kg        

Wild Habitat: Forests in Glinglen and Mallowassis


  1st Larval Stage >

2nd Larval Stage >

Adult Stage

Only a small percentage of Appoxtasy survive the ravages of Sinfluenza, the Germ symbiotically bonded to this Monster species, for long enough to achieve adulthood. Sinfluenza requires a little over a month of incubation within Appoxtasy before it's ready to advance to its third strain, and the Germ restricts metamorphosis in Appoxtasy until incubation is complete. If an Appoxtasy does survive this incubation period, it will lethargically spin a massive, dark-coloured cocoon around itself in the upper branches of a tree, and after a week, will emerge as an adult Flusneezin. The Sinfluenza Germ in the Flusneezin's body also goes through a massive upgrade into a much more dangerous strain, but unlike their larval stages, Flusneezin are almost entirely immune to the Germ they carry, experiencing overactive production of nasal mucous as their only symptom. Unburdened by their former illness, Flusneezin have full access to their magic powers, which they use to vapourize some or all of their body into a pitch-black fog, enabling rapid flight and the ability to slip through any barrier that isn't completely airtight. This vapour is rich with third-strain Sinfluenza (called "Flu Pox"), each Germ bonded to reproductive Flusneezin spores. Rather than spread Sinfluenza to Sentians by infecting air or water, the nocturnal Flusneezin descend silently  upon Sentian villages under the cover of night and pass through as an infectious fog, seeping into homes and spreading Sinfluenza to every Sentian they contact. Those infected experience intense nausea, chills, fever, and congestion with egg-filled nasal mucous, in addition to the characteristic symptom of Flu Pox: full-body blistering of the skin. These large pustules are in fact eggs formed with the Sentian's skin itself as a shell, and once the Siniffle inside mature, the blisters burst, releasing newborn Siniffle. When not spreading Flu Pox, Flusneezin sleep and hunt like any carnivorous Monster. Flusneezin subdue prey via mind control by use of their piercing hypnotic eyes, and kill using the magical arms formed from nasal mucous that extend from their nostrils; contact with this mucous causes instant necrosis in anything it touches, and Flusneezin can be found in dark forests at night, crouched over the shriveled, blackened bodies of their prey. When a Flusneezin dies, the fruit in its mouth fails to decay like the rest of its body, and eventually lies alone. Sentian legends claim that any lost traveler who eats this fruit will become a slave to other Flusneezin, bringing them meat so that the Flusneezin no longer need to hunt.