Pronunciation: /'dʌnsʔsɔr/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Jovialis

Height: 1 m      Weight: 32 kg        

Wild Habitat: Anywhere DNO monsters are found (potentially worldwide; common in middle Thatday Faraway and Saurishia)


  Adult Stage


The Duncesaur is not without its assets—its monogrammed horn, though cartilaginously flexible, is decently defensive, as is its club-like tail, the tip of which is weighted with dense bone. It is even capable of quick and nimble movement in spite of its stubby hind legs. Unfortunately, all these would-be adaptations are wasted on the Duncesaur's uselessly small brain—with a 1:64,000 brain-to-body mass ratio, Duncesaur are famed for their bizarrely unintelligent behaviour. They have been observed charging their own reflections in lakes, and drowning due to the weight of their tails. They will regularly forget how to walk or open their eyes, and stumble about until they forget they've forgotten. They may see tiny twigs as insurmountable obstacles, and pace before them in a panic for hours. Duncesaur are dormant at night, but not always sleeping—their fear of the dark can lead them to simply play dead until morning. Their diet consists of whatever they can successfully consume—frequently to their detriment. Easily picked off by predators and unable to fathom reproduction, Duncesaur go completely extinct on a regular basis, and would stay that way if not for their miraculous mode of origin: any egg from a species with the DNO phenotype has an approximately one in one thousand chance of inexplicably hatching into a Duncesaur instead of the species that laid it. This baffling mystery distinguishes the Duncesaur as a monster whose extinction is simultaneously inevitable and impossible.