Pronunciation: /'kuːgɑːn/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Audax

Height: 1.8 m      Weight: 68 kg        

Wild Habitat: Jungles in Arbornea and Soon Sri La (Buthatwas Bafor)


  1st Larval Stage

> Adult Stage


The Cougon, the larval form of Cougaroo, is a beloved and popular farm animal throughout Buthatwas Bafor and Thatday Faraway, kept primarily for the thick, silky wool that grows on their legs. They are generally known as friendly, docile leaf-eating herbivores (though their powerful kick and clawed toes may pose some risk if a Cougon is startled), and in captivity they are prevented from metamorphosing due to the dangerous ferocity of their adult form. This is easy to prevent, as Cougon metamorphose using puckers, and as social, herd-dwelling monsters, specifically prefer metamorphosing in puckergrounds, where puckers grow in abundance. Even in the wild, however, Cougon metamorphose relatively rarely, often dying of old age before doing so. Because of this, the Cougon is a rare example of a larval monster capable of reproduction, laying eggs via an ovipositor as adult monsters normally do. Cougon thrive in the wild due to their impressive speeds of roughly 50 km/h and their propensity for traveling in protective herds of 20-30 Cougon. When metamorphosing, they often do so in groups, though these groups typically consist of only 60% of their original herd.