Pronunciation: /'kuːgəruː/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Audax

Height: 1.9 m      Weight: 86 kg        

Wild Habitat: Jungles in Arbornea and Soon Sri La (Buthatwas Bafor)


  1st Larval Stage >

Adult Stage


After undergoing pucker metamorphosis, Cougon reach their adult stage, the Cougaroo. Unlike its herbivorous larval form, Cougaroo are vicious carnivores and have even been observed hunting for sport, without eating their prey. Impossible to domesticate, Cougaroo are also rare in the wild due to the low rate of Cougon metamorphosis and Cougon tendency to metamorphose in groups using pucker clusters known as “puckergrounds”; upon emergence, the violent Cougaroo often kill several of their own before heading off into the Arbornean jungle for their otherwise solitary lives. Despite being capable of great ferocity, Cougaroo are typically lethargic, and frequently use their magically hypnotic eye contact to subdue prey instead of attacking.