Clawsmoid live solitary, nocturnal lives. They use their excellent night vision to scavenge food from kills by larger monsters, but in desperation they are also known to hunt. They have a powerful venom in their fangs and their sharp, chitinous tail tip—the venom is strong enough to kill small prey, and can also cause muscle spasms and paralysis in monsters up to four times Clawsmoid’s size. However, their tails are inflexible, and their mouth is set in an inconveniently flat face, so they prefer to respond to predation by fleeing. Clawsmoid are capable of great speeds, often up to 64 km/hour. This is largely thanks to a microscopically thin layer of ectoplasmic spirit that protrudes from the skin on Clawsmoid’s underside, which allows for frictionless propulsion. They are also capable of controlling temporary bioluminescence in their eye, which they may use to blind the night vision of predators. During the day, Clawsmoid sleep in the abandoned burrows of other monsters. It is said among Sentians that Clawsmoid never sleep, but this is a misconception arising from the fact that a Clawsmoid’s eyelid is transparent. 

In spite of their preference against confrontation, Clawsmoid have a negative reputation among Sentians as a vicious, dangerous monster. This reputation stems from the fact that Clawsmoid is most well known among Sentians as the most common monster used in Hin and Fool pit fighting. Crades natives had been long using Clawsmoid in pit fighting, as its venom, speed, and tough, hairless skin make it a good fighter while its inability to lift itself off the ground keeps it easily contained in a pit. Traveling Quizhuan Hin discovered the practice and took Clawsmoid back home, popularizing the sport throughout Quizhou. Realizing the market potential, Crades merchants began selling Clawsmoid abroad for the purpose of pit fighting, and Clawsmoid are now known on most continents. Wild populations have spread in most continents, arising from escaped Clawsmoid. This of course also furthers negative reputation of Clawsmoid due to its role as an invasive species. 

 Clawsmoid have a relatively positive reputation among Hollowers, because by studying the the stomach contents of Holiterra, Hollowers discovered the medicinal uses of Clawsmoid venom; they use a processed form of the venom in small doses to ease knotted muscles and stiff joints. This practice has spread little beyond Hollower culture, but is known of in medical circles throughout the Farmlands. 


Pronunciation: /'klɑːzmɔɪd/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Jovialis

Height: 0.41 m      Weight: 10 kg        

Wild Habitat: Grasslands in Crades, Vimgahli, Arbornea, Maniboda, and The Meadowlands.


  Adult Stage


Clawsmoid are carnivorous scavengers that were originally present only in the islands of Crades, but are now found on nearly every continent due to their widespread popularity as pit fighting monsters.