Pronunciation: /tʃɪɫ'tuθɚ/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Focus

Height: 0.84 m      Weight: 0.34 kg        

Wild Habitat: Thatday Faraway


  1st Larval Stage >

Adult Stage


Mercifully rare compared to their pesky larval form, Chilltoothers are nevertheless very feared by Sentians in Thatday Faraway due to their unpredictable and potentially deadly behaviour. Capable of becoming invisible (or reappearing) at will, the surest sign of a Chilltoother's presence is the icy cold air that emanates from its empty fabric body, but Chilltoothers are not shy, and typically only use their invisibility to avoid detection when stealthily laying their eggs among those of farm Monsters or even Sentians. More often, a Chilltoother will approach Sentians openly, fully visible and hovering nearby with genuine child-like curiousity for Sentian activity. 9 times out of 10, this will continue harmlessly until the Chilltoother grows bored and floats away, but occasionally, a Chilltoother will, on a whim, descend upon a Sentian so as to shroud the Sentian completely in the Chilltoother's hollow body, resulting in the Sentian's immediate evaporation and consumption. The Sentian's fading death-holler and lone Soulvivor rising from the Chilltoother's sight-holes are the only evidence of whatever mysterious digestive process befalls such victims. Angering a curious Chilltoother can often increase the likelihood of an attack, so attracting a Chilltoother's interest is an intensely harrowing experience that tests one's bravery and decision-making abilities. When not haunting/hunting Sentians or laying eggs, Chilltoothers float aimlessly, needing neither additional food nor sleep.