Pronunciation: /'bʌztʃrɪp/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Doctrina

Height: 0.78 m      Weight: 12.7 kg        

Wild Habitat: Jungles in Nir Forgot


  1st Larval Stage >

Adult Stage


Larval Buzzine typically won’t metamorphose into their adult form, Buzztrip, until they have been alive for 40-50 years, and as Buzztrip can live for up to 200 years, they are known as symbols of noble old age and longevity. Much slower-moving than their larval form, Buzztrip prefer to stay safe high in the tree tops of their forest homes, using their tails for balance, catching tiny Monsters to eat with their prehensile tongues, and shedding a mysterious golden glitter, which is a rich fertilizer for Plants in the soil far below. As carnivores, unlike their pithivorous larval form, Buzztrip have lost their venomous capabilities alongside their toxic diet, but their bodies still process some amount of their diet into a sweet and golden honey, which coats their long tongues, its scent and stickiness aiding in the catching of prey. Never kept as farm monsters and rarely kept as pets out of reverence, Buzztrip are nevertheless occasionally seen being kept as companions by very elderly Hin. This is a sign that the Hin in question has reached a relationship of deep understanding and spirituality with the jungles where Buzztrip make their home, and is usually only achieved by Hin who live for many decades in the thick of the jungle itself. Many Sentians do not know that Buzztrip emit a very quiet but very deep unbroken hum from the depths of their throats at all times, which can be heard only when within inches of a docile Buzztrip. Though Buzztrip are smaller than Sungolin and lack the medicinal qualities to their honey, the similarities between Buzztrip and Sungolin are obvious, and many Sentians see the two as counterparts from neighbouring continents, giving Buzztrip a strong association with Quizhu culture.