Pronunciation: /'bʌzaɪn/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Doctrina

Height: 0.55 m      Weight: 10.5 kg        

Wild Habitat: Jungles in Nir Forgot


  1st Larval Stage

> Adult Stage


The stocky but energetic Monsters known as Buzzine are the larval form of Buzztrip. Wild Buzzine can be found nimbly scurrying through jungle underbrush in Nir Forgot, aided in their movement by their many prehensile tails. Buzzine may have from four to seven thick tails which curl when resting but are capable of fully uncurling as well. These tails curl and uncurl to precise lengths with a rapid twitching motion as Buzzine moves, serving the purpose of keeping a Buzzine's weight perfectly balanced on its diminutive feet any time it stands upright. The tails also allow a Buzzine to push itself up onto its feet after it spends the night sleeping on its side. Buzzine are known for their strange buzzing call, produced by vibrating air against their teeth and throat. This sometimes obnoxious hum combined with their twitching tails make Buzzine a symbol of hyperactivity in some Sentian cultures. Buzzine fill a particular niche in jungle ecosystems by primarily eating a wide variety of poisonous Plants. The toxic chemicals in the plant are processed by special organs in the Buzzine's body into a non-toxic honey, which is filtered back into the Buzzine's digestive system through its saliva glands. For this reason, the inside of a Buzzine's mouth is usually coated with the thick, sweet, golden honey. If done with proper care by trained farmers, this honey can be gently harvested in moderation without harming the Buzzine, and buzzing corrals of Buzzine on Sentian farms are fairly common in places as far flung as Right Quizhu and Back Berengeti. Buzzine-farmers are admired for the delicacy required in their work as honey-harvesters; nervous or defensive Buzzine may make a farmer's job more difficult or even dangerous with grabby tails or the mild but painful venom extracted from the Buzzine's diet and released from their scratching forearm claws. Buzzine typically live for 40-50 years before coccooning and reaching adulthood, and common practice among farmers is to release Buzztrip during the coccoon stage. Released Buzztrip adapt seamlessly to life in the wilderness, where they eventually lay the eggs that are respectfully selected from by farmers seeking the next generation of Buzzine. In spite of being common on farms, Buzzine are not considered domesticated as they are all born from eggs laid in the wild.