Pronunciation: /'bubu╦É/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Focus

Height: 0.25 m      Weight: 0.1 kg        

Wild Habitat: Thatday Faraway


  1st Larval Stage

> Adult Stage


A Boobooo's life is a long, arduous quest for metamorphosis into its adult form, Chilltoother. With a body composed of nothing more than fabric levitated by the Boobooo's soul, a Boobooo lacks the spinneret necessary for typical cocoon metamorphosis, and relies on ectoplasm rather than silk to form its cocoon. In order to have the energy and ectoplasmic material with which to cocoon, a Boobooo's body must contain a total of three souls--two more than any Monster is born with. The first soul a Boobooo "gains" is its own, with it from birth. Fools of Thatday Faraway know to beware when they recognize the dry, empty eggshells that signify the recent hatching of a Boobooo, hidden among their own eggs or those of their livestock. This is because a Boobooo obtains its second soul by stealing the departing soul of an immature Fool, if and only if that Fool's cause of death was physical accident. A soul stolen by a Boobooo is unable to mature into a Soulvivor or reach the Spire, so Fools harbour deep resentment for Boobooo. Unfortunately for them, Boobooo are completely invisible and silent until they obtain their second soul, and so can easily haunt in secrecy for nearby Fool children to befall fatal misfortune. Upon obtaining their second soul, Boobooo gain the power to be visible or invisible at will, and also become able to emit thin, high-pitched moaning sounds. They use these new abilities to surprise and shock unsuspecting Monsters and Sentians, in attempts to fulfill the requirements for obtaining their third and final soul, which must be obtained from a lifeform that died of fright. A Boobooo does not eat nor sleep, and only dies if their colourful patch is torn from them, opening a hole through which their souls may escape and find peace. Effectively immortal and charged with stringent requirements for metamorphosis, a Boobooo will often spend over 100 years gathering souls before maturing. Found across Thatday Faraway, Boobooo are much more common than their adult form.