Pronunciation: /'bliːkiː/ 

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Focus 

Height: 0.4 m      Weight: 4.5 kg        Wild Habitat: Worracallo


  1st Larval Stage

> Adult Stage


Monsters’ bodies can consist of a wide variety of tissues, from flesh to miasma to pure ectoplasm. The small and nimble desert monster known as Bleaky has a body made primarily of thick bone. Without skin, Bleaky’s tough exoskeleton is the only barrier between the harsh dry air of the Worracallo and Bleaky’s viscera. While Bleaky’s tough exterior protects it from larger predators, the open sockets in Bleaky’s chest lead directly to its organs, leaving it vulnerable to smaller parasites like Sidestitchers. Bleaky can regularly be seen picking parasites from its body cavity with its pincer-like beak. The beak is also used to pick small monsters out of the ground for food, although Bleaky can go for years without food, and never drinks.