Pronunciation: /bɛ'goʊnɪmʌl/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Ordo

Height: 0.42 m      Weight: 9 kg        

Wild Habitat: Fields and peripheral forest in the Meadowlands


  Adult Stage


Lacking a nose, ears, eyes, and mouth, a Begonimal senses chemicals and vibrations in its environment using its spore-producing facial stamen. If two Begonimals meet, they will greet each other by rubbing stamens, an act which causes a euphoric reaction in both monsters. This euphoria fills a Begonimal with energy, causing it to playfully run and roll around, which leads to the widespread distribution of its spores. As a result, Begonimals are common in spite of the vulnerability to predators that results from their relatively slow speed. The euphoria of a Begonimal also releases a distinct and beautiful aroma from its petals. Domesticated Begonimal release this scent when petted, and are kept in Sentian homes as dual-purpose companionship Monsters and air fresheners. Begonimals kept as pets come from a single line of specially-cultivated Begonimals that do not release reproductive spores. Although Begonimal are native to the Meadowlands, domesticated Begonimal are cultivated in Quizhu and are exceedingly uncommon outside of Quizhuan Hin culture. In fact, Begonimal are regularly eaten as a fragrant cooked vegetable elsewhere in the Farmlands.