Pronunciation: /æ'päkstʌsiː/

Kingdom: Monster          Taxon: Monstrum

Height: 0.85 m      Weight: 115 kg        

Wild Habitat: Wetlands and forests in Glinglen and Mallowassis


  1st Larval Stage >

2nd Larval Stage

> Adult Stage

As a Siniffle undergoes metamorphosis into an Appoxtasy, the Sinfluenza Germ, bonded symbiotically exclusively to the Flusneezin species, also undergoes a transformation into a much more dangerous infection. The strengthened second stage of Sinfluenza triggers dramatic and often fatal symptoms in Appoxtasy, including intense nausea, high fevers, chills, bloating, discolouration of the skin, and a massive buildup of nasal mucous. Using magic, Appoxtasy are able to form hand-like prehensile appendages from the mucous dripping from their nostrils, and will often use these limbs to handle objects or catch small prey while their flesh-and-blood hands clutch at their aching stomach. Staying afloat primarily via magic, an Appoxtasy's flight speeds and wingbeats are sluggish, despite flight being an Appoxtasy's primary method of locomotion. Burdened with their inborn infection, most Appoxtasy die from starvation or fever before the Sinfluenza in their bodies trigger their ability to cocoon, meaning few Appoxtasy metamorphose into adult Flusneezin. Counteracting this, an Appoxtasy's reproductive spores piggyback on particles of the Sinfluenza Germ, and become airborne as a result of an Appoxtasy's frequent and violent sneezes. The infectious spray of an Appoxtasy's saliva and mucous contaminates the air and water near susceptible Sentians with spore-ladened Sinfluenza. The Sinfluenza strain found in Appoxtasy, known as "Egg Flu" is contagious, and though its effects are much milder in Sentians than in Appoxtasy, they are enough to aid in the production of newborn Siniffle: affected Sentians develop a mild fever and intense nasal congestion, the latter caused by the development of Appoxtasy spores into soft-shelled eggs, half a millimeter in diameter, in mucous-coated clusters within the Sentian's nasal cavities. When infected Sentians sneeze or otherwise clear their nostrils, the eggs, incubated in the heat of the Sentian's fever, are released and quickly hatch into Siniffle.