Aldo Thief-Blesser

Name Pronunciation: /'ɑːldoʊ.'θiːf.'blɛsər/

Kingdom: Sentian          Species/Race: Blue Witch Plains Fool

Born: 14463 AI               Died: 14536 AI (age 83)    


Aldo was a Plains Fool and a member of the sacred race of Blue Witches, an ethnically distinct all-witch race of Plains Fools that have lived in quiet secrecy for many centuries. Aldo’s name, Thief-Blesser, refers to the shame they brought upon themself by forming their primary spiritual bond with Clawsmoid, an invasive species of monster, rather than a more traditional species native to the Meadowlands. Aldo is shown below in simple Blue Witch traveler’s garb, bandages over their empty eye sockets according to Blue Witch custom, a charm-paint sigil-eye, and a pendant representing a Clawsmoid. Aldo traveled barefoot like all Plains Fools; on rougher terrain, a Plains Fool’s naturally yellow feet can inflate into hardy, protective cushions. Aldo was known as a kind traveling healer, but also as an eccentric; it is said that they would allow their Clawsmoid familiar to suckle their own milk.