Farmland Monsters is a fantasy encyclopedia by AppleAtti.

Farmland Monsters is a character design and world-building project I began in 1999, when I was nine years old. Since then, many, many art projects have been started and abandoned, but I haven’t gone a single year without loyally continuing to develop Farmland Monsters. Finally, in 2015, I’m going public with this world in my head by launching farmlandmonsters.com and farmlandmonsters.tumblr.com, which together will hopefully function as an encyclopedia of everything this project has become. “The Farmlands” have become a fully fledged world, with maps, cultures, creation myths, fantasy science, plants, and—above all—monsters, and I plan to eventually share all of it through these websites. 

Thank you for visiting! If you have questions or feedback, please email me at atticusdw@gmail.com.